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Plant trees with Tron. Produce Oxygen and sell for even more Tron! 🌲 Welcome to the Forest. Started 0 days ago.

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Plant Trees

Build your own TRON Forest by planting trees with TRON. One tree produces 0.1 Oxygen2 per day

Plant Trees

Sell Oxygen2

Sell your O2 anytime at the daily Oxygen auction selling off 1% of the current contract balance.

Check your Oxygen

Own Land

Earn 1 TRX and 0.01 O2 daily for each tree planted on your land plots. Trees are planted randomly.

Land Management
Plant a tree

Plant Trees

Dont waste Oxygen, Plant a Tree today!

Oxygen 10 / day
Cost 1000 TRX

There are trees planted
producing Oxygen2 every day

1 = 10 TRX

The price is 10 TRX + (Trees Planted / 50'000)

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Oxygen Auction TRX TRX
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Sell Oxygen at Daily Auction
Total Oxygen Sold: O2
Your Oxygen Production
DAY ? O2

Oxygen Auction Pot: TRX

Every 24 hours all oxygen available for sale is sold off to offset virtual Co2 assets. Put your Oxygen up for sale whenever you want.

The current pot is 1% of the current contract balance

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Oxygen for sale today

Current Price (~)

TRX / O2

Own Land

Land Ownership

Earn passive TRX and O2

Each tree is planted on a (random or choosen) plot of land. The owner of the plot receives 1 TRX for each planted tree and additional 10% of the oxygen produced from their land.

This makes owning Land very profitable!

The price for a plot of land increases by 50% each time it is sold and the prior owner gets 100% of the invested money back.

On your 0 land plots people planted 0 trees which adds 0 O2 to your daily oxygen production.

Plots of Land

Plot Trees / O2 bonus Owner Price
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There are only 25 plots of land available in TRON Forest!

Tipp: append &plot=ID to your referral url to link to your plot!

Referral Rewards

Earn 6% of your referrals investments and get bonus trees!

Tipp: Referrals are permanent for future investments. First come, first serve

Referral Bonus Trees   (0 Received)

Get 1 Tree  for every 25 trees planted with your referral link.

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